Make petty, time-wasting tasks easie using the command line

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import easieCliTools from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easie-cli-tools';


Easie CLI Tools

Get petty, time-wasting tasks easie using the command line


npm i easie-cli-tools


  • Date: Lets you run commands regarding the date
  • String Manipulator: Lets you run specific commands on strings
  • JSON Creator: Lets you make JSON data
  • Todo List Maker: Lets you make a Todo List


node node_modules/easie-cli-tools/date.js

String Manipulator

node node_modules/easie-cli-tools/string.js

JSON Creator

node node_modules/easie-cli-tools/json.js

Todo List Maker

node node_modules/easie-cli-tools/todo.js


  • Date

    • YEAR: finds current year
    • MONTH: finds current month
    • DATE: finds current day
    • HOUR: finds current hour
    • MINUTE: finds current minute
    • SECOND: finds current second
    • MILLISECOND: finds current millisecond
    • WEEKDAY: finds current day of the week
  • String Manipulator

    • REPEAT: repeats a string x amount of times
    • REVERSE: reverses a string
    • SLICE: gets part of a string(slices) from x to y
    • LENGTH: gets the length of the string
    • CONCAT: append one string to another
    • FIND: find specific characters inside the string
    • UPPERCASE: makes the string all uppercase
    • LOWERCASE: makes the string all lowercase
  • JSON Creator

    • ADD: adds a key/value pair
    • VIEW: view a specific value of a key
    • VIEWALL: view all key/value pairs
  • Todo List Maker

    • CREATE: creates a todo item
    • DELETE: deletes a todo item
    • VIEW: view todo list
    • CLEAR: clears todo list


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.