A React HOC for validating form easily

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  import easyForm from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-form';


Easy Form

Easy Form is a React HOC that allow you to build forms easily and flexibly.





  • easy: manage form state conveniently
  • flexible: create awesome form easily with Material-UI, Ant-Design, Redux or any library you like.
  • powerful: support sync/async validation both.
  • tiny: only 19.7kb ungzipped.

Get Started

  1. Run yarn add easy-form react react-dom prop-types

  2. Render it!

import React from 'react';
import { ValidationField, createForm } from '../src';

const schema = {
  name: {
    validator: name =>
      new Promise((res, rej) => {
        setTimeout(() => {
          if (name) {
          } else {
        }, 200);
    message: 'Please input your username',
  password: {
    validator: password => password,
    message: 'Please input your password',

class LoginForm extends React.PureComponent {
  handleSubmit = e => {
    const { submit } = this.props;
    submit(data => console.log(data), error => console.log(error))();
  render() {
    const { isValid } = this.props;
    return (
      <form onSubmit={this.handleSubmit}>
        <ValidationField name="name" label="Username">
          <input placeholder="Username" />
        <ValidationField name="password" label="Password">
          <input placeholder="Password" />
            display: 'inline-block',
            marginLeft: 180,

export default createForm({}, schema)(LoginForm);


createForm(defaultValues, schema, options)


const schema = {
  birth: {
    validator: date => (date ? true : false),
    message: 'Please input your date of birth',
  description: [
      validator: description => (description ? true : false),
      message: 'Please input your description',
      validator(date) {
        return new Promise((res, rej) => {
          setTimeout(() => {
            date === 'loading' ? res(date) : rej(date);
          }, 0);
      message: name => `"${name}" is not my name!`,
const DecoratedForm = createForm(
    birth: '2018-05-28',
  { fieldRender },

defaultValues: Object

Default values of the form.

schema: Object<[field: string]: Validator>

validator: (target: any, values: Object, preValues: Object, customOptions: Object) => bool | Promise

The validation rules of the form. You pass an array to customize more than one validators. And the validators will be executed sequentially. If validation passes, it should return true or a resolved promise. Else, it should return false or a rejected promise. The message should be a string or a function that receives value of input and result of validation and returns a string.

options: Object

Property Type Default value Description
fieldRender Func fieldRender The field render prop.
fieldProps: Object - Props collection of form field
Returns Object — The React node to render.
onFormChange Func Callback fired when the value of ValidationField gets changed.
props: Object — Props of The form component
changedValue: Object — Value of the changed field
defaultHandler: Func - Default handler
onFormReset Func Callback fired when the form is reset.
props: Object — Props of The form component
newValues: Object — The reset value
defaultHandler: Func - Default handler
getValueFromEvent Func Customized method to get value from event arguments.
same as event callback

If the form has been decorated by createForm then it owns APIs as follows:

Property Type Description
isValid bool Whether the form is valid (has no validation error).
isPristine bool Whether the current values of form are different from the initial values.
isValidating bool Whether the form is validating.
initialize Func Resets the form to specified values.
submit Func Submits the form. Returns a promise that will be resolved when the form is submitted successfully, or rejected if the submission fails.
onSuccess: Func
onFail: Func
updateValues Func Updates values of the form.
newValues: Object
updateSchema Func Updates schema of the form.
newSchema: Object
validateAll Func Validates the form.
validateItem Func Validates the specified field.
name: string - Name of the field to validate


Property Type Default value Description
formatter Func The Handler that format the value.
value: string \| boolean \| number — The value of input.
Returns Object — The formatted value.
name string Required The unique identifier of field, corresponding to a value in the form values.
onValidate Func Callback fired after validation.
result: Object — The result of validation. You can pull out the return of the validator by accessing result.promiseValue.
options Object Additional options that can be passed to the validator function.
render Func Required A render prop. Use the property to get what to render.
props: Object — Please refer to options.fieldRender.
Returns Object — The React node to render.
trigger string onChange When to collect the value of children node.
validateTrigger string onChange When to validate the value of children node.
valuePropName string value Prop that should be validated. For example, the valuePropName of checkbox is checked.