mainly focused on simplifying on creating gulp config / task to speed up the development process.

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Easy Gulp Tasker

This Easy Gulp Tasker is mainly focused on simplifying on creating gulp config / task to speed up the development process.

Features / Plugins



Gulp Plugins

Usage / Options

Step 1

Run the below cmd first npm install easy-gulp-tasker --save-dev

Step 2

Create a gulpfile.js in your project root and add the blow line

const $gulp_tasker = require('easy-gulp-tasker');

Sample gulpfile.js

const $gulp_tasker = require( 'easy-gulp-tasker' );
const $gulp        = require( 'gulp' );

$gulp.task( 'your-task', () => {
    // Your Custom Tax Code.
} );

Step 3

Create gulp-config.js OR config.js with the file configs.

Sample Config File

module.exports = {
    files: {
        // Single Compile Options
        'dir/your-file-source': {
            dist: 'path-to-save',
            rename: 'custom-file-name',
            bable: {
            // Your Custom Config For **Babel** 
            // Or Set True to use deafult config provided by Easy Gulp Tasker Plugin.
            // If not pass a custom string and use that string in the config array to build your own common config.
            watch:['file1','file2','file3'] // enter the files that are needed to be watched to trigger the above actions.

        // Multiple Compile Options
        'dir2/your-file-source': [
                dist: 'path-to-save',
                rename: 'custom-file-name',
                bable: true
                dist: 'path-to-save',
                rename: 'custom-file-name',
                bable: true,
                uglify: true

    config: {
        // Here you can write your custom config
        bable_custom_config1: {
            presets: [ '@babel/env' ],

Step 4

Run any of the below cmd to use this plugin

The below cmd will compile all the files are listed in the config.js / gulp-config.js

$ gulp compile

The below cmd will trigger gulp.watch function to keep track of files changes and compiles the given file.

$ gulp watch

The below cmd will trigger a single file to compile

$ gulp single --file "dir/your-file-source"

Builtin Tasks

Blow is a list of task / config options for each file object.


  • dist:'file-save-path' | Location On Where To Save The File.
  • rename:'custom-file-name' | Custom File Name To Save Compiled File
  • watch:['file1','file2','file3'] | An Array of files to keep an eye for change to trigger its tasks
  • concat:true | Please Refer To Gulp Concat
  • combine_files:true | Please Refer To Gulp Combine Files


  • scss:true | Converts SCSS Into CSS
  • minify:true | Minify Source.
  • autoprefixer:true | Autoprefix All CSS Properties.


  • webpack:true | Run's Webpack To Compile / Bundle a file
  • bable:true | Run's Babel To Convert EM6 => EM6
  • uglify:true | Minify JS Soure Code


If you would like to help, please take a look at the list of issues or the To Do checklist.


This project is licensed under General Public License v3.0 license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


2017 - 2018 Varun Sridharan, varunsridharan.in

If you find it useful, let me know :wink:

You can contact me on Twitter or through my email.

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