Read and write out JSON to the File System.

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  import easyJson from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-json';


Easy-JSON | Crazy fast file system JSON reader and writer

This package will help you create and read in JSON files into your application.

This can be helpful for a series of use cases.

  1. Temporary Data Store
  2. Custom configurations
  3. Bypass nodes caching of reading in JSON

Installing Module

npm install easy-json --save

Getting started with this module

const EasyJSON = require('easy-json');
const root = require('app-root-path');

const destination = `${root.path}/config`;
const fileName = "config.json";
const jay = EasyJSON.getInstance(fileName, destination);
//... use jay object here

The operations that are available to you.

UML Diagram

  • EasyJSON.getInstance(fileName, destination) gets the object to use in your program sets default name of file and destination
  • .saveJSON(data) save any javascript data to disk
  • .getJSON() gets JSON data from disk
  • .path = "path/name" set the property of the parent path
  • .path returns the set path
  • .name = "config.json" sets the name of file to write to disk
  • .name gets the name of the file

This module was made possible thanks to LearnMEAN.com