Lottie for React Native without hassle

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Lottie for React Native without hassle

A component for airbnb/lottie-react-native that handles animation, looping, layout, and platform quirks for you. It fixes:

  • the default duration
  • the default aspect ratio (and size if you don't provide a width or height)
  • the default easing
  • iOS positioning
  • Android playback for some animations


You can pass additional props expected by lottie-react-native, like imageAssetsFolder.

Prop Description Default
source Mandatory - The source of animation. This must be a JS object of an animation, obtained (for example) with something like require('../path/to/animation.json'). This is needed in order to fix things. None
style Style attributes for the view, as expected in a standard View. The aspectRatio exported by Bodymovin will be set. Also the width if you haven't provided a width or height
loop A boolean flag indicating whether or not the animation should loop. false
duration Custom duration (in milliseconds). The duration exported by Bodymovin
easing Custom Easing or function Linear easing (t => t)
delay Delay before the animation or between loops if looping (milliseconds) 0
animation A function that takes an Animated.Value and returns a custom CompositeAnimation None


You'll need to already have installed:

  • react
  • react-native
  • lottie-react-native

Now yarn add easy-lottie-react-native.



import LottieAnimation from 'easy-lottie-react-native';


<LottieAnimation source={require('../path/to/your/animation.json')} />

Custom size

import { StyleSheet } from 'react-native';
import LottieAnimation from 'easy-lottie-react-native';

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  animation: {
    width: 100,


<LottieAnimation source={require('../path/to/your/animation.json')} style={styles.animation} />

Looping with custom easing

Note that customizing easing will make the animation differ from what the designer intended.

import { Easing } from 'react-native';
import LottieAnimation from 'easy-lottie-react-native';

const easing = Easing.inOut(Easing.quad);


<LottieAnimation source={require('../path/to/your/animation.json')} loop easing={easing} />

Custom animation

import { Animated } from 'react-native';
import LottieAnimation from 'easy-lottie-react-native';

const getAnimation = (value: Animated.Value) => 
  Animated.spring(value, {
    toValue: 1,
    useNativeDriver: true,


<LottieAnimation source={require('../path/to/your/animation.json')} animation={getAnimation} />