The nodejs proxy server that likes nginx help you resolve cors.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Easy Node Proxy

An easy and simple web proxy server based on nodejs,pm2.

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npm install easy-node-proxy -g


1.start by command line

// start server
easy-node-proxy start -t your-proxy-server
// stop server
easy-node-proxy stop
// check other information
easy-node-proxy --help
Usage: easy-node-proxy [options] [command]

2.start by proxy.json

`npm run generate:config`
edit the proxy.json
`easy-node-proxy start -c`

-t, --target specify the target proxy server [http://www.exmaple.com]
-h,--host setup your proxy host to use [localhost]
-r,--rewrite rewrite your proxy to use [^/ /]
-p,--port setup your proxy port to use [8000]
-h, --help output usage information


start start your proxy server
stop stop your proxy server

3.start with docker


Setup your environment for develop

1.npm install
2.config your proxy target and server info
3.npm run prod

If you have any questions, pls open git issue to me.