Scripts to easily query and update Pingdom https checks

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Status: BETA

Easy Pingdom

Package containing scripts to automate configuration of Pingdom https checks. It can be easily integrated with travis.


  • bin/easy-pingdom.js query [options] - Query pingdom configuration
  • bin/easy-pingdom.js update [options] <input file> - Update configuration based on input file


Setup or update checking of https://example.com site to your Pingdom configuration

git clone git@github.com:oakslab/easy-pingdom.git
cd easy-pingdom
npm install

export PD_USERNAME='me@example.com'       # Change to your pingdom login
export PD_PASSWORD='my pingdom password'  # Change to your pingdom password
export PD_KEY='my pingdom api key'        # Create API key here: https://my.pingdom.com/account/appkeys

# See what will be done
./bin/easy-pingdom.js update --no-paused --filter example examples/simple.js

# Update Pingdom configuration
./bin/easy-pingdom.js update --no-paused --filter example examples/simple.js --update


To get help run ./bin/easy-pingdom.js update --help

Updates all checks that has managed tag assigned. For reference see examples/advanced.js file.


To get help run ./bin/easy-pingdom.js query --help

Query configured checks from pingdom.com


Licensed under MIT license (see LICENSE for details)