Build a robust processing pipelines using RabbitMQ, the easy way!

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  import easyRmqPipe from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-rmq-pipe';


Easy Pipelining using RabbitMQ

Create a pipeline of processes with some easy setups. This framework will use RabbitMQ as a messaging broker which provides robustness and flexibilities.

Quick Start

i. Create a pipeline application

Create the pipeline by giving the connection information to a RabbitMQ server.

const app = require('easy-rmq-pipe').create({
    host: '',   // required - address to RabbitMQ server
    user: 'guest',          // required - username
    password: 'guest',      // required - password
    port: 5672              // optional, default = 5672

ii. Define pipeline

For this example, let the payload have this structure:

    payload = {
        detail: { .... }
        customer: { .... }

and let the user uses this service to communicate to the next layer:

/* this is just example of user's service */
const orderService = require(/* your serivce */)

iii. Setup Pipeline

In this example we are simulating a simple buying process in a web-shop. First, the order will be place on the backend system. Then it will query the customer for payment. Upon successful payment, an request to the magazine will be sent. Finally it will prepare the shipment (i.e. when the people from magazine collected the items).

// 1. Place order
app.pipe(payload => { 
    payload.orderId = orderService.placeOrder(payload.detail)
// 2. Payment
.pipe(payload => {
    payload.paymentId = orderService.getPayment(payload.orderId)
// 3. Send order to magazine
.pipe(payload => {
        = orderService.sendOrder(payload.detail)
// 4. Prepare shipment
.pipe(payload => {

iv. Start the pipeline

Start the pipeline application.

app.start().then(() => {
    console.log('Web-store pipeline is started.')

v. Insert a job

The pipeline will start as soon as a job is feed into it.

            {id:343334, qty: 5}
            {id:531212, qty: 7}
        promo_code: 'BLACKFRIDAY'
    customer: {
        name: 'Roberto Holo',
        address: '4521 Traolane',
        email: holo@bolo.io