A typed, async library to access Google Sheets.

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  import easySheets from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-sheets';


Easy Sheets

Easy Sheets is a modern, typed javascript library to access Google Sheets. It was made for 2 reasons:

  • to be able to do simple sheet operations using terse commands;
  • to be able to access Google API credentials as a string (which could be set as an environment variable).

To setup:

  • Create a Google Cloud project
  • Enable the Google Sheets API
  • Create a service account, download the JSON credentials
  • Base64 your credentials like so: btoa(JSON.stringify(YOUR CREDENTIALS))
  • Create a Google Sheet, note the ID
  • Click the sheet's "Share" button and add the service account with "edit" permissions.

To use:

import EasySheets from 'easy-sheets'

const easySheets = new EasySheets(SPREADSHEET_ID, BASE64_CREDS)

// add a row
await easySheets.addRow(['this', 'was easy'])

// get a range as multi-dimensional array
await easySheets.getRange('A1:B3')

// get a range as an object
await easySheets.getRange('A1:B3', {headerRow: 'raw'}))

// update range
await easySheets.updateRange('A1:B2', [['First Name', 'Last Name'], ['Tim', 'Jones']])

// clear range
await easySheets.clearRange('A1:B5000000')

// multisheet operations
// you can add {sheet} as an argument to all operations
// example:
await easySheets.getRange('A1:B3', {sheet: 'Sheet2'})