Simple state manipulation without any frameworks.

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Simple state manipulation without any frameworks.

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Developing easy-state


$ git clone https://github.com/oyvindhermansen/easy-state.git
$ cd easy-state
$ yarn install

Run the demo whitch is powered by webpack and webpack dev-server. The dev-server listens for changes in both demo/ and src/, so you can write module implementation and testing it in the browser at the same time.

$ yarn dev

Unit testing

$ yarn test
$ yarn test:watch

Test coverage

$ yarn coverage


# Targets src, demo and __tests__ folders.
$ yarn prettier

Build for production

$ yarn build

Run the website locally with Gatsby

$ cd docs && yarn develop


The library is inspired by both React and Redux. It's sort of a Redux-lib, without the reducers, action-creators and dispatching actions, but instead changing state with setState()-method like they do in React.