Initialize an application and shut it down gracefully.

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  import easyThree from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-three';



Initialize an application and shut it down gracefully.

Pretty much just a wrapper around env-and-files, pino, and death.


yarn add easy-three


const init = require('easy-three');

// A config map for `env-and-files`.  This describes configuration that will be passed to the application.
const configMap = {
  server: {
    port: {
      required: true,
      variableName: 'PORT',
  sql: {
    password: {
      filePath: '/path/to/secret',
      required: true,

// The actual application.  If configuration loads correctly, this will be called with configuration and a `pino` logger instance.
function start(config, logger) {
  // Application code goes here.
  // Return a function to be passed to `death`.  This will be called on, uh, death.
  return (signal, error) => {
    // Close your server, release resources, maybe say goodbye to the user.

// Start the thing.
init(configMap, start);


init(configMap, start)

Load the configuration, start the application, listen for shutdown.


Type: Object

A config map to be passed to env-and-files. See the env-and-files usage for examples of what that looks like.

start(config, logger)

Type: Function

A function to be called if configuration loads properly. Should return a shutdown function to be called on termination.


MIT © Matthew Fernando Garcia