Easy way to make great console log.

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I create this module to create an easy way to print text in the terminal.

Print in console methods

There are four different to print text in the console:

  1. error - that print the text in red color
  2. warn - that print the text in yellow color
  3. info - that print the text in blue color
  4. normal - that print the text in white color
  5. log - that need two different parameters. The first parameter is the color of the text The second is the text. Example: log(logTypeDef.*, message)

How to print log in different order?

All methods need an array that containing the order of the elements to be printed.

New elements can be added using the addOptions () method which requires an array of keyed objects, a symbolic string to use as the order parameter of the log () method, and a value that will actually be output.

latest version

  1. Add Debug functions
  2. Add new colors with background for Debug functions
  3. Debug output can be disabled if debugMode's variable is set to false (default is true)