HTML to JSON parser for easyplate

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<script type="module">
  import easyconvert from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easyconvert';



EasyConvert is a pure JavaScript HTML parser that converts HTML into JSON directly readable by EasyPlate.

This project is a fork of Himalay destined to be integrated with EasyPlate

npm install easyconvert


var easyconvert = require('easyconvert');
var html = require('fs').readFileSync('/webpage.html');
var json = easyconvert.parse(html);

Installed globally, easyconvert can also be used from the command-line to convert HTML files to JSON files, or as a pipe transform.

easyconvert webpage.html webpage.json
# or as a pipe
echo "<h1>Hello</h1>" | easyconvert > hello.json

Run easyconvert --help for more information.

Example Input/Output

<div class='post post-featured'>
    <p>Easyconvert parsed me...</p>
    <!-- ...and I liked it. -->
  "div_1": {
    "tag": "div",
    "attribute": {
      "class": "post post-featured"
    "innerHTML": "\n",
    "child": {
      "p_0": {
        "tag": "p",
        "attribute": {},
        "innerHTML": "Easyconvert parsed me...",
        "child": {}
      "comment": " ...and I liked it. "
  "innerHTML": "\n"

Note: Text nodes containing only whitespace were removed from the output for readability.



HTML is turned into JSON, that's it. Easyplate is completely synchronous and does not require any complicated callbacks.

Parses Attributes

Easyplate does a couple things when processing attributes:

  • Camel-cases attribute names
  • Attributes without values are set to their names (i.e. disabled turns into disabled="disabled")
  • Groups data-* attributes into a dataset object
  • Attempts to caste any value to a number if !Nan
  • Parses the style attribute into a hash map

Handles Weirdness

Easyplate handles a lot of HTML's fringe cases, like:

  • Closes unclosed tags <p><b>...</p>
  • Ignores extra closing tags <span>...</b></span>
  • Properly handles void tags like <meta> and <img>
  • Properly handles self-closing tags like <input/>
  • Handles <!doctype> and <-- comments -->
  • Does not parse the contents of <script>, <style>, and HTML5 <template> tags

Preserves Whitespace

Easyplate does not cut corners and returns an accurate representation of the HTML supplied.

The following example does absolutely nothing. It simply parses the HTML to JSON then parses the JSON back into HTML, which is the exact same as the original. (Of course if the original was malformed, Himalaya probably buffed out the kinks.)

Why "Easyplate"?

Because Himalay is a great lib, and I want to make it integrated with EasyPlate.


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