A simple technical documentation site with markdown files

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import easydoc from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easydoc';


Welcome to Easydoc !

What's the deal ?

Easydoc is a tiny web server that publish your documentation written in markdown.

It provides you a file index for browsing, and a full-text search.

It's very basic, and very easy to use and customize.


  1. You'll need the appropriate NodeJs installation on your system.
  2. Download the latest version of easydoc and unzip it
  3. From the command line, build it: > npm install -g
  4. Also from the command line, run it > easydoc

How can I use it ?

Once the server is running, simply drops your documentation files written in markdown and with the 'md' extension in the docs folder.

Let's say your file is named 'myfile.md' With a browser, go to [http://localhost/myfile.md]: that's it !

How do I customize the look&feel ?

For the markup, just edit the two template files inside the _assets folder:

  • page.tpl. It displays a single page with the file index and search box.
  • search.tpl. It shows the search results.

They are using the mustache templating language. Very easy to use.

Fot rendering customizations, all is in the style.css file.

I need to customize the root folder !

When launching the server, you can specify your root folder.

Here is the command line documentation of the server:

Usage: ./easydoc [options]


    -h, --help            output usage information
    -V, --version         output the version number
    -r, --root [docs]     Absolute or relative path to the root folder containing static and markdown files.
    -p, --port [80]       Local port of the created Http server.
    -h, --host []  Hostname of the created Http server.
    --no-cache            Disable mustache template caching (for dev purposes)

Are their limitations ?

Yes, plenty ! But i'll enrich it latter ^_^

  • all markdown files at the same level, in the same folder. No sub-folders.
  • assets (page.tpl, search.tpl, style.css, images) must be in the _assets folder inside the document root.
  • no page templating (mustache) in plain html file.
  • markdown files must have the .md extension.

have fun !