NPM package originally created by gobengo

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<script type="module">
  import easyxdmLatest from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easyxdm-latest';



NPM package originally created by gobengo

This project hosts a CommonJS-compatible version of easyXDM that can easily be rebuilt with make.

The official repo includes a version of easyXDM that is not CommonJS-compatible and always defines window.easyXDM. The one built here should never define a global.


var easyxdm = require('easyxdm-latest');
var iframeRpc = new easyxdm.Rpc(
    remote: apiHost + '/easyxdm.html',
    remote: {
      request: {},


EasyXDM comes with a 'debug' mode which console.logs (or a window.opened log in IE9) a lot of what's going on as it passes messages around. To use this mode, var easyxdm = require('easyxdm/debug').


The default make target in the Makefile is build. Build does a few things:

  1. Parse the version from this package.json, assume that this is the version of easyXDM that should get built.
    • You can override this by setting the VERSION environment variable before running make. e.g. make VERSION='2.14.9'.
  2. Clone the tag with that version string from the canonical easyXDM repo into /easyXDM/
  3. Concatenate all the JavaScript files that make up easyXDM. (if these get stale, consult the main repo's build.xml)
  4. Use sed to insert the version number.
  5. Output to lib/easyXDM.js
    • The 'main' module of this package is 'lib/easyXDM.js', so node and browserify should look there.

Use it node

Requiring this module will throw an Error if the following globals are not defined: window, document, location. Browserify does this for you. If, for some reason, you need to require this module in vanilla node, you can use jsdom:

var document = require('jsdom').jsdom();
var window = document.parentWindow;
var location = window.location;
var easyxdm = require('easyxdm');