Downloads todays free New Zealand music file from

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import eatDailyJam from '';



Downloads todays Daily Jam from

This node.js command line app downloads the day's free music MP3 file from

You can run it manually, or may I suggest you configure it as a daily cron job, copying the files to iTunes 'Automatically Add to iTunes' folder; end result being whenever you sync your phone, you'll get a batch of new tunes without having done anything. Sweet. We're all about the lack of effort.


Ensure you have node and npm installed by executing

node --version

at your command line and see it report Node version at least 0.10. If you are behind or node is not installed, install / update it from

Once that is sorted, globally install eat-daily-jam by executing

npm install -g eat-daily-jam

at the command line, which should install the program without error.


Once EatDailyJam is installed, test it works OK, it should, by executing this at your command line:

eat-daily-jam -d .

you should see the program have a bit of a chat to you and in the end a music track shows up in your current directory.

mbp:~ adrian$ eat-daily-jam -d .
Eat Daily Jam v 0.4.0
   Saving jam to "/Users/adrian" folder.
   Today's jam is 'Breath of fresh air' by Tim Armstrong Band...
   Downloading... (be patient, this takes a wee while)
Done! Check out 'Breath of fresh air' by Tim Armstrong Band at /Users/adrian and kick out the jam!

All good! From there it's over to you, but I suggest you wire up a cron job to execute it daily, so you never miss a jam again.

Big thanks to Si White at Silent Designs ( for both putting Daily Jam up in the first place, and also being cool enough to help me out with a couple of changes to his code when I asked nicely for them :) cheers Si.