eating. A natural language command line food diary.

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eating is a very simple node.js command line application for recording what you eat (a meal diary/journal). Inspired by doing it takes near to natural language input and turns that into structured meals. There's also a web version at

eating 7 ham and pineapple pizzas 2 hours ago 7000!

would yeild

  • Date: (UTC the date/time 2 hours ago)
  • Foods: 7 Ham & Pineapple Pizzas
  • Calories: 7000
  • Important: true (exclamation mark)

n.b. I do not encourage you to eat 7 pizzas

eating yesterday 3.30pm 1/2 chocolate bar 200cals

would yeild

  • Date: (UTC date/time of yesterday 3.30pm)
  • Foods: 1/2 Chocolate Bar
  • Calories: 200
  • Important: false

How to install

npm install -g eating

to update

npm update -g eating


eating has 2 configurable options

  • path -- folder where it will save your data
  • defaults to ~/.eatingdata/
  • I recommend setting to to somewhere in your dropbox or gdrive
eating --path '~/Google Drive/eating'
  • locale
  • date locale defaults to nodes default usually en-US (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • if set to 'en-AU' it will then parse dates as dd/mm/yyyy
eating --locale 'en-AU'

How to use

running the command outputs what you've recorded that day and total calories


to show help

eating --help
eating <command> --help

show meals for all/today/yesterdays/week/ [enddate]

eating list yesterday
eating list 22/07
eating list 22/07 28/07

export to a formatted .txt file

eating list 22/07 28/07 --txt ~/dairy.txt

export to json

eating list 22/07 28/07 --json ~/dairy.json

to remove a meal, find the meals id (the number next to meal)

eating remove id

or remove the last added meal

eating remove last

if none of the commands above it will try and pass all args as a meal

eating chicken caesar salad 20 minutes ago 600cals!

by putting a '!' (exclamation mark) somewhere in the text will flag the meal as important useful for marking cheat meals, high glucose meals(for diabetics) and other things.


If you find a bug or have any problems create an github issue or email me at my github email. I will fix them.

n.b. I have only tested this on OS X