Next generation templating engine

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The next generation templating engine

Getting Started

# To install eazerjs
npm i -S eazerjs

The eazer.js file contains the main Component class that represents a template, where you can define content using javascript objects like so:

const {Component} = require('eazerjs')
const Title = {
    type: 'h1'

  const Paragraph = {
    type: 'p'

  const aliases = {
    MyComponentTitle: Title,
    MyComponentParagraph: Paragraph

  const content = {
    MyComponentTitle: 'Super component',
    MyComponentParagraph: 'Super paragraph'
  const component = new Component('MySuperComponent', content, aliases)

The component object called "MySuperComponent" now has the an h1 title inside and would return:

<div class=\'MySuperComponent\' ><h1 style="">Super component</h1><p style="">Super paragraph</p></div>

when component.render() is called.

The eazer file also includes Group class which groups Component instances to create complex Component structures, as well as a Page which is a container for Group of Component

To see a complete page take a look at the examples.