Installs and starts the AWS XRay daemon

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import ebInstallAwsXrayConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/eb-install-aws-xray-config';



This module installs an .ebextensions config file that will install and start the AWS XRay daemon.


  1. npm install eb-install-aws-xray-config --save
  2. Commit the .ebextensions file it creates.
  3. Deploy.

Modifying the .ebextensions file

This module will overwrite the file if/when it is updated.

Pull requests are welcome if you have some generally-useful modifications to suggest.

If you'd like to make modifications specific to your use case, you should uninstall this module after installing the .ebextensions file. Uninstallation won't take the file with it.

Based off of

This module is based off of eb-authenticate-npm.

Extra resources:

If you're new to using AWS XRay with Elastic Beanstalk, you'll want to checkout the docs. You'll also want to ensure you're EC2 instances have the correct permissions.