Setup a skybox mesh and add it to the scene.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import ebabelSkybox from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ebabel-skybox';



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Setup a skybox mesh and add it to the scene.

Instructions for Module Usage in your project/game


npm i --save ebabel-skybox


The images to display inside the skybox are for each direction:

  • ft: front
  • bk: back
  • up: up
  • dn: down
  • rt: right
  • lf: left
const skybox = require('ebabel-skybox');

// Example graphic paths. Graphics not included in this module.
const directions = [

skybox({ THREE, scene, directions });

Instructions for further development of this module i.e. ebabel-skybox

Fork and clone repo, then start your new develop branch

  • fork repository on github.com
  • git clone 'fork repository'
  • git checkout -b develop

First step when developing this module

npm install

Before checking in code test this module

npm test

Generate documentation for this module

npm run jsdoc