make ascii banners from the command-line

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import ebanner from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ebanner';



make ascii banners from the command-line


ebanner [string]
echo <string> | ebanner


0 enw@hesse::~/proj/banner$ ebanner hi, wrld.
HH  HH  IIIIII                  W     W RRRRR   LL      DDDD
HH  HH    II                    W     W RR  RR  LL      DD DD
HHHHHH    II        ,,           W W W  RRRRR   LL      DD  DD
HH  HH    II        ,,            W W   RR  RR  LL      DD DD       ..
HH  HH  IIIIII       ,            w w   RR  RR  LLLLLL  DDDD        ..

0 enw@hesse::~/proj/banner$


  printableChars() - returns a list of the printable ASCII characters
  banner(input) - returns banner as array of strings, one for each row
  printBanner(input[, printfxn]) - uses console.log() or custom printfxn to print banner.  watch out for wrapping!

installation for nodejs

  1. install - npm install ebanner
  2. require - require('ebanner')
  3. be crative

(using browserify)

  1. install ebanner - npm install --save ebanner - --save adds ebanner to your package.json
  2. use in code - e.g. created a browser.js file that uses require('ebanner') (see example in test)
  3. browserify - e.g. browserify browser.js -o bundle.js
  4. include bundle.js in your HTML

installation for command-line

  1. git clone http://github.com/enw/ebanner
  2. ``cd ebanner && npm link```
  3. run ``ebanner``` (see usage)

use in emacs

  1. install command-line
  2. select text in emacs
  3. run ebanner through the shell-command-on-region (M-|) function


run npm test