Enhanced ebay-dialog components for making your life easier

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  import ebayDialogExtras from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ebay-dialog-extras';


ebay-dialog-flexible, ebay-dialog-footer and ebay-portal


v2.0.0 and above require MarkoJs v4 or above. For a version compatible with MarkoJs v3 use v1.0.0.


You usually want to have a smaller dialog on a larger screen and a full screen dialog on mobile. That would be easily done in CSS but unfortunately skin does not have that class.

ebay-dialog-flexible wraps a eBayUI dialog so it can be responsively change between desktop and mobile without overriding CSS or other practices that violates the separation of concerns (SoC) principle.

ebay-dialog-footer create a footer where the buttons dynamically adapt in mobile or desktop view.


See also the notes below.

ebay-dialog-flexible responsibility is to render a dialog that responsively adapts (changing its type) to full only on mobile. It wraps ebay-dialog in a non invasive way. It also take care of focusing on a element only if it is in the viewport otherwise the dialog would scroll to the bottom ( using the focus-if-visible prop).

ebay-dialog-footer responsibility is to render a footer in a dialog. When it has the has-action-buttons prop and contain elements with class ..ebay-ebay-dialog-flexible--actions (like ebay-buttons), it renders the elements aligned on the right in a "normal" ebay-dialog and stacked on a full dialog.

Run demo locally

git clone https://github.com/ccinelli/ebay-dialog-extras
cd ebay-dialog-extras
yarn start

UI Components

For more detail check:


This code is written keeping in mind the separation of concerns (SoC) and the encapsulaion principles.

A component should be responsible to manage its own internal representation of the state, how it renders (HTML and CSS).

A component should not monkey patch the state of another component or override its CSS. The shortcuts could be faster but it will come back to hunt you with bugs and make people that care about their crafts very upset ;-).


The components have been extracted from boltutils and adapted to the latest version of eBayUI.

Know problems

  • ebay-dialog-footer has an ugly gray thick border on DS4. This cannot be undone without monkey patching the CSS of the ebay-dialog