A simple, sequential event bus

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  import ebus from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ebus';



A high performance event bus, designed as a centralized data flow switchboard in Scrollback. It's in production use both on client and server.

On the client, it serves a similar role as the Flux Dispatcher.

Isn't this PubSub?

It can be used that way, but it does a few more things.

  1. Subscribers can be triggered in a predetermined sequence or in parallel
  2. Subscribers can modify the payload before passing it to downstream subscribers
  3. Subscribers can throw errors to stop propagation to other subscribers

Unlike Flux's Dispatcher, ebus allows multiple events with different subscriber lists, and supports asynchronous subscribers.

Current API

var bus = require("ebus")();
bus.on("event", callback, priority);
bus.emit("event", data, callback);
bus.off("event", callback);

// debugging
bus.setDebug(bool); // 
bus.dump("event");  // logs the listeners in sequence

Proposed API

bus.on("event", callback).after("target1", "traget2").before("target3");

bus.on("event1 target1> target2> <target3, event2 target3>", callback);