Utility for setting up static routes to EC2 public addresses

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When starting out with Amazon EC2, it usually easier to start using IP based restrictions instead of doing the "Right Thing™" and setting up a VPN between your network and your VPCs.

This script will walk through your EC2 inventory, and setup a bunch of static host routes to your EC2 public addresses. This allows you to forward all of your traffic to those EC2 instances, say, over your VPN back to your corporate network.

But, really, you should setup a VPN.


$ npm install -g ec2-router
$ sudo ec2-router


ec2-router uses all the typical mechanisms for configuring your AWS credentials.

  • ~/.aws/credentials
# Can be configured manually, or using aws configure
aws_access_key_id = ***
aws_secret_access_key = ***
  • Environment Variables
$ sudo AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=*** AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=*** ec2-router

Command Options

    --verbose                 Print additional details
    --dry-run                 Print the commands it would execute, but do not
                              execute them
    --delete                  Delete routes to EC2 instances instead of adding
    --dest [-interface tun0]  Specify the route destination
    --regions [regions]       Comma separated list of regions to query. Defaults
                              to default all regions

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Dan Jenkins for the initial script that this one is based on.