deploy tool for egg project.

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deploy tool for egg project.

Note: Windows is partially supported, see #22


$ npm i egg-scripts --save


Add eggctl to package.json scripts:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "eggctl start --daemon",
    "stop": "eggctl stop"

Then run as:

  • npm start
  • npm stop

Note: egg-scripts is not recommended to install global, you should install and use it as npm scripts.



Start egg at prod mode.

$ eggctl start [options] [baseDir]
# Usage
# eggctl start --port=7001
# eggctl start ./server
  • Arguments
    • baseDir - directory of application, default to process.cwd().
  • Options
    • port - listening port, default to process.env.PORT, if unset, egg will use 7001 as default.
    • title - process title description, use for kill grep, default to egg-server-${APP_NAME}.
    • workers - numbers of app workers, default to process.env.EGG_WORKERS, if unset, egg will use os.cpus().length as default.
    • daemon - whether run at background daemon mode, don't use it if in docker mode.
    • framework - specify framework that can be absolute path or npm package, default to auto detect.
    • env - server env, default to process.env.EGG_SERVER_ENV, recommended to keep empty then use framwork default env.
    • stdout - customize stdout file, default to $HOME/logs/master-stdout.log.
    • stderr - customize stderr file, default to $HOME/logs/master-stderr.log.
    • timeout - the maximum timeout when app starts, default to 300s.
    • ignore-stderr - whether ignore stderr when app starts.
    • sourcemap / typescript / ts - provides source map support for stack traces.
    • node - customize node command path, default will find node from $PATH


Stop egg gracefull.

Note: if exec without --title, it will kill all egg process.

# stop egg
$ eggctl stop [--title=example]
  • Options
    • title - process title description, use for kill grep.
    • timeout - the maximum timeout when app stop, default to 5s.

Options in package.json

In addition to the command line specification, options can also be specified in package.json. However, the command line designation takes precedence.

  "eggScriptsConfig": {
    "port": 1234,
    "ignore-stderr": true

Questions & Suggestions

Please open an issue here.