Typescript type defs for ECS Schema

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Elastic ECS Typescript Definitions

This wraps up the Elastic Common Schema into strict Typescript types by parsing the official ECS schema document. Since this library is pure types and a strict reflection of ECS, the version is pinned to the ECS version itself, starting from version 1.7. You can also clone this repo to build against a given ECS version yourself.


  • Get all ECS fields as a flat associative array (EcsFields) or as a full object hierarchy (EcsTree).
  • Breakout by ECS core and/or extended fields
  • Convience Schema type util to guarantee type-safe events and schema
  • Generic enough parsing to run yourself against any ECS version



npm install elastic-ecs


This NPM package's version is pinned to the associated ECS version, so version 1.7.0 of this lib would represent ECS version 1.7.0, for example.

Any patch or minor updates will be reflected with appending -[a-z]* to the ECS semver version.

Example Usage

Basic Usage: Reference field names/values

import { EcsFields, EcsTree } from 'elastic-ecs';

interface MyBasicEcsEvent extends EcsFields {
    [EcsFields["event.created"]]: new Date(),
    [EcsFields["event.action"]]: 'page-viewed',
    [EcsFields["event.kind"]]: 'event',
    [EcsFields["event.category"]]: ['myCat'], // Causes Compile error, myCat is not a valid value!

Advanced Usage: Define Events through a type-safe custom schema

By defining your own Schema, you can get lots of free type safety when both defining your custom fields on top of ECS fields and when defining individual events:

import { NewEventType, NewSchema, EcsFields } from 'elaastic-ecs'

// All the custom fields you ever put in events should go here
interface MyCustomFields {
    // Optional fields on some events
    'attempts.count'?: number,
    // Required fields on ALL events
    'customer.id': string,

// Make all ECS fields available, another good option could be EcsCoreFields if you don't need extended fields
type MyEcsFieldNames = EcsFields & {
    // Required ECS fields
    '@timestamp': Date,
    'event.action': string,

// Define my schema based on my custom fields and the ECS fields I have available
type MySchema = NewSchema<MyCustomFields, MyEcsFieldNames>

// My Event Types

// Verbose schema, spell out the field names AND types
type MyLogoutEvent = NewEventSchema<MySchema, {
    '@timestamp': Date,
    'event.action': 'User Logout',
    'customer.id': string
    // Optional fields
    'event.category'?: 'authentication'[],

// Shorthand schema, don't need to include fields' types
type MyLoginEvent = NewEventType<MySchema, 
    '@timestamp' | 'event.action' | 'customer.id', // Required Event Fields
    'event.category' | 'attempts.count',           // Optional Event Fields
    {'event.action': 'User Login'}                 // Per-Event schema type narrowing

const loginEvent: MyLoginEvent = {
    'event.action': 'User Login',
    '@timestamp': new Date(),
    'attempts.count': 1,
    'customer.id': '123',

const logoutEvent: MyLogoutEvent = {
    '@timestamp': new Date(),
    'event.action': 'User Logout',
    'customer.id': '123',

Keeping up-to-date

I may be too lazy to keep up-to-date with the latest ECS version on a weekly or monthly basis. If you require the latest and greatest now, please run the automated build process below and send me a pull request! This'll probably be motivating enough to get me off my rear.

Building against an ECS version

  1. Clone this repository and ensure you have Node.js version 10 or above installed.
  2. Use a terminal to cd into the rot of this repo.
  3. Change the version in package.json to match the ECS version you want to build against, plus an extra zero such as 1.7.0.
  4. Change the ECS branch version number in package.json under the build-types script and make sure it matches the version from step 3, but without the last number, ex. 1.7.
  5. Run npm install to install dependencies.
  6. Run npm run build to build the type definitions.
  7. Open a Pull Request for me if it's the latest ECS version or copy index.ts to your project.