Convert GitHub-flavored Markdown to HTML with a few extras

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  import electronMarkdown from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/electron-markdown';



electron-markdown is a Node.js module to convert Markdown to HTML. It uses cmark-gfm for HTML generation, and a series of unified plugins to process the resulting HTML.


Supports Node.js v12 or higher.

npm install electron-markdown


electron-markdown exports a single function, which takes a Markdown string as its first argument and an options object as its second argument, and returns a Promise that resolves to the resulting HTML.

resultPromise = electronMarkdown(markdown[, options])

  • result: Promise<String> - a Promise resolving to the resulting HTML if parsing and rendering succeeds
  • markdown: String - a string of Markdown to render to HTML
  • options: Object
    • runBefore Array of [remark] plugins - Custom plugins to be run before the commonly used plugins.
    • cmark options to pass to cmark-gfm; will be deeply merged with the default options
    • highlight - Object of rehype-highlight options.

Default options:

  cmark: {
    footnotes: true,
    extensions: {
      table: true,
      strikethrough: true,
      autolink: true,
      tagfilter: true
  highlight: {
    ignoreMissing: true,
    aliases: {
      plaintext: ['text'],

To disable an option or extension that is enabled by default, provide your own options with a value of false (or an extensions object with the given extension's value set to false). Any options you provide will be merged into the default options, with false values overriding any default true value.

const markdownToHtml = require('electron-markdown')

  function (html) {
  function (err) {