Ember service for your query params

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Ember service for your query params

:construction: Please use ember-parachute or ember-query-params-service instead.

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This addon is in response to https://github.com/emberjs/ember.js/issues/11592.
The idea came from Robert Jackson.

See the Changelog for version changes.


  • Ember.js v2.18 or above
  • Ember CLI v2.13 or above
  • Node.js v8 or above

How It Works

Basically the idea is that there is a central service that stores all QP values and from which you can subscribe to QP changes.

We make this simple by providing a mixin for your route that sets up default QP values on the service from your controller, and hooks into the system for QP changes on URL updates. The controller also gets automatic subscriptions for all of it's own QPs.

You can also use the service yourself, i.e. paramsRelay: Ember.inject.service() anywhere else, and get access to setting, getting and subscribing to the QP changes.


Setup your route with the AutoSubscribe mixin so we can listen for changes in query params from the URL, and also setup automatic subscribes for all of the query params on the related controller.

// my-route.js
import Route from '@ember/routing/route';
import AutosubscribeMixin from 'ember-query-params/mixins/autosubscribe';

export default Route.extend(AutosubscribeMixin, {
  // If overriding `beforeModel`, make sure to call `this._super(...arguments)`.
  // Whatever else you have..

The AutoSubscribe mixin requires that your controller has queryParams array setup to start relaying query params to the paramsRelay service.

// my-controller.js
import Controller from '@ember/controller';

export default Controller.extend({
  queryParams: [
    { isSidebarOpen: 'sidebar' }
  isSidebarOpen: false,
  theme: 'default'

Service API


Function signature paramsRelay.setParam('name', value).


Function signature paramsRelay.getParam('name'). Returns the value, can be anything.


Function signature paramsRelay.setParams(obj).
A helper method to set many query params at once. Suggested usage includes using in the route, i.e. paramsRelay.setParams(this.paramsFor(this.routeName)).


Function signature paramsRelay.hasParams().
Returns a boolean, letting you know if any params have been set on the service.


Function signature paramsRelay.subscribe('name', (key, value) => { //do something });.


Function signature paramsRelay.unsubscribe('name', sameFunctionUsedInSubscribe). The function you passed to subscribe must be the same one passed to unsubscribe to remove it from the list of callbacks to notify on change.


Function signature paramsRelay.autoSubscribe(this).
Where this is the controller that has a queryParams array. All default query param values from the controller are set on the paramsRelay service. All query params must have a unique name, since setting a 'theme' in one controller will set the same QP in another.

Custom Service

You can also setup your own service, just use the mixin.

import Service from '@ember/service';
import QPMixin from 'ember-query-params/mixins/query-params';

export default Service.extend(QPMixin, {
  // your code