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Tired of using process.env everywhere in the code?
Tired of guessing which environment variable are mandatory and which are optional?
Tired of validating environment params?

meet EnvBoss!!!

This package will help you organize and validate all your environment variables in one place.


> npm i envboss

How to use

/// envVariablesConfig.js

import { createEnvObject, mandatory, Types } from 'envboss';

    CLUSTER: { mandatory: true },
    ENVIRONMENT: { mandatory, validValues: ['live', 'sandbox']},
    IS_MASTER: { mandatory, type: Types.Boolean },
    IP_ADDRESSES_ARR: { mandatory, type: Types.Array }, //resolves as array of ip addresses
    STORAGE_PORT: { mandatory, wrappingFunction: someFunc },

    // optional
    PORT: { default: 8082 },
    PROCESSOR_TIMEOUT: { default: 50000},
    RETRY_TIMES: { default: 10, validationFunction: (v) => v > 3},
    LOG_LEVEL: { default: 'info' }

module.exports = createEnvObject(ENV_VARS_CONFIG);
/// someFile.js
const { ENVIRONMENT } = require('envVariavbesConfig.js');

How does it work?

It goes over the configuration you provide, and returns an object where the key is the <ENV_PARAM_NAME> and the value is process.env[<ENV_PARAM_NAME>] after it was validated and sanitized.


mandatory - when set to true, sets this param as mandatory. Can be used as mandatory only when required from 'envboss';

default - lets you define a default value.

type - converts the given envParam value from 'string' to given Type. Supported types: Number, Boolean, String, Array. By default, if default config is provided, process.env[<ENV_PARAM_NAME>] value will be converted to the type default's value type

validationFunction - will help you validate the values.

validValues- lets you describe what values are valid.

wrappingFunction - converts the envparam value to the given value.

If you wouldn't like to validate envparams (e.g. in tests) pass false to createEnvObject(ENV_VARS_CONFIG,false)