Epsilon Greedy algorithm for weight based rotators.

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Epsilon Greedy algorithm for weight based rotators.

Sometimes you won't have the option to pick a variant in real time. The second best thing to real time split testing is weight based rotations.

This module will convert your epsilon-greedy configuration and will create a weight map of your variants based on the epsilon-greedy setup.

The idea is basic, it'll simply run a simulation X times and we'll build a weight table out of that.


var epsilonGreedyWeighter = EpsilonGreedyWeighter(?opts);

First you need create an instance of the EpsilonGreedyWeighter object.


  • All options that are accepted by epsilon-greedy
  • pathToWeight - (Optional|default=weight). This property will be added to your variants at the end of the simulation.
  • simulationsPerVariant - (Optional|default=1000). The amount of iterations that the simulation will run per variant. If you set this option to 1000 and you have 5 variants, 5000 iterations will be completed in total.

var weightedVariants = epsilonGreedy(variants)

variants should be an array of json objects. Each variant should have a property that contains the amount of trials and the amount of rewards.

You can specify the name of those properties in EpsilonGreedyWeighter options.

return value

The return value would be a clone of the variants array with and added weight property for each variant.


var EpsilonGreedyWeighter = require('epsilon-greedy-weighter');
var epsilonGreedyWeighter = EpsilonGreedyWeighter();

  {trials: 100, rewards: 1},
  {trials: 70, rewards: 2},
  {trials: 80, rewards: 0},
  {trials: 32, rewards: 0},
  {trials: 20, rewards: 0}


With npm do:

npm install epsilon-greedy-weighter