ESLint configuration used by Create Inferno App

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This package includes the shareable ESLint configuration used by Create Inferno App.
Please refer to its documentation:

Usage in Create Inferno App Projects

The easiest way to use this configuration is with Create Inferno App, which includes it by default. You don’t need to install it separately in Create Inferno App projects.

Usage Outside of Create Inferno App

If you want to use this ESLint configuration in a project not built with Create Inferno App, you can install it with following steps.

First, install this package, ESLint and the necessary plugins.

npm install --save-dev eslint-config-react-app babel-eslint@9.x eslint@5.x eslint-plugin-flowtype@2.x eslint-plugin-import@2.x eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y@6.x eslint-plugin-react@7.x

Then create a file named .eslintrc with following contents in the root folder of your project:

  "extends": "babel-preset-inferno-app"

That's it! You can override the settings from eslint-config-inferno-app by editing the .eslintrc file. Learn more about configuring ESLint on the ESLint website.