ESLint configuration following's Calypso JavaScript Coding Guidelines

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Eslint config wpcalypso

An ESLint configuration following's "Calypso" JavaScript Coding Guidelines.


You should install this configuration and peer dependencies as devDependencies in your project:

yarn add --dev eslint-config-wpcalypso eslint eslint-plugin-wpcalypso

If you're planning to use the React superset of rules, you should also install eslint-plugin-react:

yarn add --dev eslint-plugin-react

Next, simply extend the configuration from your project's .eslintrc file:

"extends": "wpcalypso"

Or, if your project uses React and you want to opt in to additional React-specific rules, extend the React superset:

"extends": "wpcalypso/react"

Refer to the ESLint documentation on Shareable Configs for more information.

Suggesting Changes

Want to suggest a change to our style guide? Edit the JavaScript Coding Guidelines on the Automattic/wp-calypso repository and submit a pull request.

Want to revise the ESLint rules used here? Edit the index.js file and submit a pull request.


GNU General Public License v2.0 or later.