ESLint rules for Base Web

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This ESLint plugin is for developers using the Base Web component library. Mainly it attempts to:

  • Identify usage of deprecated APIs
  • Identify usage of unsupported exports
  • Identify improper usage of components


Assuming you already have ESLint installed, run:

# npm
npm install eslint-plugin-baseui --save-dev

# yarn
yarn add eslint-plugin-baseui --dev

Then add it to your ESLint configuration:

  "plugins": [
    // ...
  "rules": {
    // ...
    'baseui/deprecated-theme-api': "warn",
    'baseui/deprecated-component-api': "warn",
    'baseui/no-deep-imports': "warn",

Or extend the recommended config

  "extends": ["plugin:baseui/recommended"]


To get linting specific to your version of baseui, simply install the matching version of eslint-plugin-baseui.

  "dependencies": {
    "baseui": "10.0.0"
  "devDependencies": {
    "eslint-plugin-baseui": "10.0.0"

We sync the versions for each package, so you shouldn't have to worry about it.

ℹ️ Note that the first available version of this package is 9.41.0.


Rule Responsibility
deprecated-theme-api Identify theme properties that are deprecated.
deprecated-component-api Identify components and props that are deprecated.
no-deep-imports Identify importing unsupported modules from baseui source code.


To publish new versions of this package all you need to do is release a new version of baseui. Our deploy script will publish a new version of the eslint plugin which matches the new version of baseui. Note, this also means every version of baseui will publish a corresponding version of eslint-plugin-baseui, even if there are no changes to the package.