Express complement , like Rails scaffold

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import excaffold from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/excaffold';



Source Code


$ npm install -g excaffold

How to Use

1 - Create an Express Project:

$ express prueba 

$ cd prueba && npm install:

2 - Create a new Model ie:

$ excaffold tableName field1Name:dataType field2Name:int field3:boolean

$prompt: Project_Name:  prueba

Command-line input received:
Project Name : prueba
See the "public/javascripts/connection.js" file
See the "sql.json" file
Use the "connection.js" file for connect to the DB
See the "views/layout.jade" file
1 - run > npm install socket.io
2 - run > npm install mongoose
See the "app.js" file
3 - Now run > node app.js

$ npm install socket.io

$ npm install mongoose

3- Run your Node Project:

$ node app.js 

Relationals Models

  • To create a new related model (Like SQL Inner Join)

$ excaffold otherTable field1Name:dataType field2Name:int tableName:ref