Execute a function or get a property on an object or instance from a given string in javascript.

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<script type="module">
  import executeMethod from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/execute_method';


Execute Method

execute_method.coffee is a coffeescript that makes it possible to execute a method or get a property from a given string

It attaches ExecuteMethod to the window to make it easier to use across libraries. It does check for already existance in case you include it multiple times.


var Animal;

Animal = {
  type_of_animals: "cows",
  candostuff: function() {
    return "yes";
  cows: {
    first: {
      name: "george",
      dostuff: function() {
        return "eat";
    second: {
      name: "peter",
      dostuff: function() {
        return {
          eat: "grass",
          sleep: "standing"
    third: {
      name: "ole",
      dostuff: function(stuff_todo, should_i_do_it) {
        if (!should_i_do_it) {
          return null;
        return stuff_todo;

ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("type_of_animals", Animal)
// -> "cows"
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("candostuff()", Animal)
// -> "yes"
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.first.name", Animal)
// ->  "george"
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.first.dostuff()", Animal)
// ->  "eat"
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.second.name", Animal)
// -> "peter"
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.second.dostuff()", Animal)
// -> {eat: "grass", sleep:"standing"}
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.second.dostuff().eat", Animal)
// -> "grass"
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.second.dostuff().sleep", Animal)
// -> "standing"
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.third.name", Animal)
// -> "ole")
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.third.dostuff(\"run\", false)", Animal)
// -> null
ExecuteMethod.executeMethodByFunctionName("cows.third.dostuff(\"run\", true)", Animal)
// -> "run"


CoffeeScript (1.4 or newer)

Browser Compatibility

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer 8+

If you have a mac, please test Safari and get back to me if things aren't working.


This work is under the FreeBSD License.

As this is free for use in other products, please consider sending me a gadget if you charge your customers, or a license for the software/service you use it in.