Bundles scripts with Browserify

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  import exhibitBuilderBrowserify from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/exhibit-builder-browserify';



Exhibit.js builder. Bundles your scripts with Browserify.

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$ npm install --save-dev exhibit-builder-browserify


  .use('browserify', options)
  .build('dist', {watch: true});
  • Any scripts with the extension .entry.js as an entry point for bundling.

    • The .entry.js naming convention is just a convenient default – see options below for changing it.
  • Any .js and .json files thare are not entries are discarded (though of course they may still be bundled into an entry).

    • Use the skip option if you want some to get through.
  • All other filetypes (e.g. .css) are passed straight through.


Syntax: .use('browserify', options). Alternatively you may pass the entries option as a separate argument before your options, e.g. .use('browserify', 'main.js', options) ...or even just: .use('browserify', 'main.js').

extensions or extension

Default: null

This should be an array of strings like ['.coffee', '.hbs']. (Although the dots are optional.)

Specifies extra extensions (*in addition& to .js and .json) that should be handled by this plugin. Might be useful in conjunction with certain Browserify transforms like coffeeify and hbsfy. (But note you probably don't need Browserify transforms with Exhibit – you can just use other builders earlier in the sequence so everything is ES5 JavaScript by the time it reaches Browserify.)

entries or entry

Default: "**/*.entry.js" Specifies which files should be considered bundle entry points. Follows Exhibit's matching convention.


Default: null Files you want Browserify to ignore, even if they have a Browserify-able extension. For example, to avoid Browserifying your vendor scripts: ignore: 'scripts/vendor/**/*.js' Follows Exhibit's matching convention.


Default: true

Change to false if you don't want source maps.