CLI tool for building React + TypeScript applications

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🛡️Exos is a JavaScript framework that helps you to create apps and micro frontends using React and TypeScript.

It currently provides the following packages:

  • Exos CLI: a CLI tool for building React + TypeScript applications.
  • Exos Script: a set of out-of-the-box extensible scripts that helps you with the lifecycle of your React + TypeScript applications.
  • Exos Core: a library with core scripts that helps you to develop your React + TypeScript application and micro frontends.

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Exos CLI is a command line interface tool for React + TypeScript applications.

It supports the following modes:

  1. Fully interactive: simply execute the command and you will be prompted to enter the command's parameters. Ideal to familiarize with the tool.
  2. Fully automated: execute the command passing all the parameters and their values. Ideal for automation (and machines).
  3. Mixed mode: You can pass by some parameters, you will be prompted for the missing ones.

Note: For more information about the 🛡️Exos initiative, click here.

Getting started

Execute Exos CLI by running:

npx exos-cli

You will visualize the help information of the CLI displaying the current commands. Each command can be executed directly by calling npx exos-cli <command>, and you will be prompted with the command parameters/options.

Pro tip! You can also enter all the parameters when you run it. For example npx exos-cli init --name=MyApp --type=ReactApp.

Available commands

🐣 Init

Inits a new application scaffolding everything you need to start.

Parameter Description Options
Name App name N/A
Type App type ReactApp, Library
Author Author name Defaults to your git user (git config --global user.name)

Usage example: npx exos-cli init --name=MyApp --type=ReactApp

🧩 Create

Creates a new entity of the specified type.

Parameter Description Options
Name Entity name N/A
Type Entity type UIDomain, Component,Service
Language Language to use TypeScript, JavaScript

Usage example: npx exos-cli create --name=MyComponent --type=Component --language=TypeScript