Alethio Explorer core plugins

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Core plugins for Alethio Explorer

Project structure

The project contains 3 core plugins that provide basic explorer functionality and which share the same codebase, dependencies and build process. Each plugin has a folder in packages/<pluginName>, from which a separate npm package is created:

  • eth-common - common pages and modules that should be available regardless of what data source is used
  • eth-extended - pages, modules and data sources specific to the "full" explorer. This plugin uses the Alethio explorer API endpoints and a Deepstream connection
  • eth-lite - a "lite" explorer plugin, using web3 as a data source. It only offers what can be directly fetched from an eth node, without the aggregations provided by the Alethio API.


Install (Linux, MacOS)

npm install

Install (Windows)

npm --add-python-to-path='true' --debug install --global windows-build-tools npm install just as with Linux


npm run watch or npm run build-dev.

Link to an explorer installation

You can acp link any plugin folder into your block explorer installation.

$ npm i -g @alethio/cms-plugin-tool $ cd <explorer-checkout-folder>

$ acp link ../explorer-core-plugins/packages/eth-common \
    ../explorer-core-plugins/packages/eth-extended \

Running the tests

npm test (or npm run test-coverage to generate code coverage as well).

Test coverage is written to ./coverage in HTML and LCOV formats.

Release process

  1. Changes are proposed via pull requests and merged into master after they obtain approval.
  2. Releases are made from master, by a maintainer, collecting changes that were made since the previous release.
  3. A new independent version is chosen for plugins that were affected, according to semver.
  4. Changes are documented in CHANGELOG files, found in each package folder, committed and pushed to master.
  5. Publish to npm, with implicit git tags and corresponding release (see below).

Publishing to npm

This repo uses lerna. Because the source code is shared between packages, lerna will not automatically detect which packages were changed. The following commands need to be executed:

  1. npx lerna version --force-publish=<explicitly_changed_package_names>

e.g. npx lerna version --force-publish=@alethio/explorer-plugin-eth-common,@alethio/explorer-plugin-eth-lite

  1. npx lerna publish from-git