Node.js lib to export any web page to PDF

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  import exportWebToPdf from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/export-web-to-pdf';



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Node.js lib to export any web page to PDF.


npm install export-web-to-pdf

or if you rather use yarn

yarn add export-web-to-pdf


const exportWebToPdf = require("export-web-to-pdf");

exportWebToPdf("http://www.example.com", exportOptions)
    .then(data => {
      // .. do something with PDF data, like saving to a file or upload to S3 ..

See the sample/ folder for a running example.


let response = exportWebToPdf(url, options);


url (string) URL you want converted to PDF

options (object) An options object containing custom settings. The possible options are:

  • loadingTimeout: Maximum amount of time to wait for navigation to finish. Defaults to 30000.
  • auth.username
  • auth.password: Adds username and password to the request.
  • ignoreHTTPSErrors: Whether to ignore HTTPS errors during navigation. Defaults to false.
  • showBrowserConsole: Whether to log the browser's console messages. Defaults to false.
  • waitForSelectors: Array of CSS selectors. If defined, it will wait until all CSS selector are found in the page before continuing.
  • screenshotPath: If defined saves a screenshot of the navigated URL. This only works when waitForSelectors are not found on the page, as a debugging tool.
  • pdfSettings: Options object with PDF settings. Check Puppeteers's documentation for details.

Return value

A Promise that resolves to a Buffer with the PDF content.