update express-busboy 3.0.0, fix overwrite req.body bugfix, add mimetypeLimit (express-busboy 4.0.0 includes this updates) ,with error mimetype throwing //Haven't automatically tests for all updates

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A simple body-parser like module for express that uses connect-busboy under the hood.

It's designed to be more of a "drop in" replacement for body-parser. With it populating req.body, there is very minimal code change needed to use it.


var bb = require('express-busboy');
var app = express();


The module will populate req.body and req.files like the body-parser module does.


bb.extend(app, {
    //busboy options can go here

file uploads

By default file uploads are disabled, the req.files object will always be empty. You can activate them with:

bb.extend(app, {
    upload: true,
    path: '/path/to/save/files',
    allowedPath: /./

path will default to: os.tmpdir()/express-busboy/<uuid>/<the field name>/<filename>.

allowedPath can contain a regular expression limiting the upload function to given urls. For example /^\/upload$/ would only allow uploads in the /upload path.

You can have a function returning true/false if you prefer that:

options.allowedPath = function(url) {
    return url == '/upload';


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