Express Cache Middleware

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How to use

var CacheTool = require('express-cache-tool');
var cache = new CacheTool.Cache({
    duplicate: false, //default false, if true, will create a no expiration cache for this key
    expired: null //default null, ms
}, [debug], [sync_key]);
//sync_key defaul '_cacheSync', if you want to refresh the cache, you can add ?{sync_key}=1 in url


var test_cache1 = cache.set('key1', {duplicate: true, expired: 60000}, [alias]);

app.get('/', test_cache1, function(req, res, next){
  //if define alias, use req.cache.alias
  //else use req.cache
  req.cache.get_or_create(function(fail, done){
    //if duplicate set true and the asyncFunc is fail, it will get the cache from duplicate

You also can set multiple cache in one route, like app.get('/', test_cache1, test_cache2, function(req, res, next){})

Cache scheme in express-cache-tool

  1. MemoryCache - cache.use(MemoryCache)
  2. FileCache - cache.use(FileCache)
  3. RedisCache - base on ioredis

Use RedisCache

redisCache = RedisCache({
    conf: 'host:port', //or use cluster [{host: host, port: port}, ...]
    db: 0
}, [redis], [prefix]);
//if set redis and the first parameter is null, use a already exists redis connet, must be base on ioredis


Custom cache scheme

var scheme = {
    set: function(key, value, expired){
        //return promise
    get: function(key){
        //return promise