Provides error protection within an express route

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Express Circut Breaker

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Provides error protection within an express route


npm i express-circut-breaker
var breaker = require('express-circut-breaker')


express-circut-breaker produces a middleware that will block requests if an error was thrown from a previous use.


For breaker(opts)


Called when a child node throws an error. Must return trip or reset.

  • return 'trip': Trips the breaker and blocks future requests
  • return 'reset': Resets the breaker to it's untripped state and allows future requests
opts.handleLater = false

Does not block request, instead allows request to be handled by next middleware. Breaker status is communicated in the req.breakerTripped. If true, breaker will not run handleBlockedRequest.

opts.handleBlockedRequest(req, res)

A middleware for handling incoming requests that were blocked by the breaker


request(/protected) -> server -> breaker(open) -> endpoint


request(receives error 500) <- server <- breaker(tripped) <- endpoint(throws error)

Then later...

request(/protected) -> server <- breaker(tripped, sends back 500) -- endpoint(never touched)

Example implementation

var app = require('express')()
var breaker = require('express-circut-breaker')

var CB = breaker({
  catchError: e => 'trip',
  handleBlockedRequest: (req, res) => res.sendStatus(500)

app.get('/unprotected', (req, res) => res.sendStatus(200))

app.get('/protected', CB, (req, res) => res.sendStatus(200))