Simulates latency on express requests when header is provided

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Use case

You want to test your fancy ajax loaders, spinners and stuff, but your dev machine is too damn fast for that shit!

-- boo1ean - creator of express-delay

I couldn't come with a better description than this. This library has the same goal with a few improvements:

  • It allows you to control whether or not the delay should be present from the client by passing a Delay header with the desired latency.
  • It'll only kick in when NODE_ENV is development, so you can safely commit the code to production and have the delay code running only on your local environment.


npm install express-delay-header --save


const app = require('express')()
const delay = require('express-delay-header')


// ...

Important: make sure the NODE_ENV environment variable is development for it to work.

On your client, pass a Delay header in the request with the desired delay in miliseconds (e.g. 3000 for 3 seconds).

curl --request GET \
  --url http://localhost:3000/ \
  --header 'delay: 3000'