An error handler and error page for Express 4.

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A minimalsit simple error handler for Express (4+) which returns an error page.

Support error reporting via next() and handling of 404.

It renders a simple HTML page, which can be customised via options.


  • Customise the page CSS
  • Respond in JSON if appropriate
  • Show a cute illustration
  • Hide error message in production
  • Telegram alerts on bugs

Who uses it?

Nucleus ElioPay Backery Lttrfeed

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How to use

npm install express-error-block

Then require the module

const errorsHandler = require('express-error-block')({
    background: 'red', // Can be any valid CSS background property value
    customCSS: 'body {color: #000}', 
    noImage: false // Hide the default illustrations

And add the handlers at the end of your app (just before app.listen())