Express Gateway plugin for custom request

Usage no npm install needed!

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Generic plugin example for Express Gateway

It shows all extension points available in the Express Gateway Plugin Engine 1.2.0

Getting Started in 5 minutes:

$ npm -i -g express-gateway
$ eg gateway create

eg gateway create
# follow prompts
? What\'s the name of your Express Gateway? demo
? Where would you like to install your Express Gateway? demo
? What type of Express Gateway do you want to create? Getting Started with Express Gateway

# cd to new directory
$ cd ./demo

# install this plugin
$ eg plugin install example
? Set value for baseUrl:
? Set value for maxRequestsPerSecond: 234
? Would you like to enable this plugin in system config? Yes
? Would you like to add new policies to gateway config? Yes
Plugin installed!

Detailed documentation:

Express Gateway Overview

Express Gateway plugin explanation: Plugin Documentation

CLI for installing and configuring plugin: Plugins CLI

Guidlines how to write your custom plugin: Plugin Development Guide

Express Gateway Boot Sequence explains order in which plugin entities are loaded and executed.