Attach Express/Connect middlewares to an app to require GitHub organization auth to access resources.

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Super-simple module that attaches itself to an Express or Connect application, requiring that all connections to the server after that point have been authenticated via GitHub. You must pass a "GitHub" organization name as a parameter, thus sandboxing your application to users within that organization.


npm install express-github-org-auth --save

Github auth tokens

You must have a Github application for the application you're authenticating. Get your Client ID and Client Secret and make them available for the app via the environment:

export GITHUB_CLIENT_ID=xyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxy
export GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET=xyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyxyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxy


  var app = express();
  var host = process.env['HOSTPORT'] || 'localhost:1234';

  // Initialize Passport!  Also use passport.session() middleware, to support
  // persistent login sessions (recommended).
  app.use(require('cookie-session')({ keys: ['keyboard-kitty'] }));

  // Authenticate all the things
  require('express-github-org-auth')(host, 'swift-nav', app);

  // All access after this point is authenticated via GitHub


Authentication tokens are stored in-memory, which makes this module only suitable for small applications running single processes. If you need to use this module in larger production environments, consider replacing the in-memory cache with a memcached layer or something similar.


Copyright (C) 2015 Swift Navigation Inc.

Contact: Joshua Gross

License: MIT