Simple fallback for Express-served single page apps that use the HTML5 History API for client side routing.

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A tiny, accurate, fast Express middleware for single page apps with client side routing.

If you're able to send a static HTML file, use express-history-api-fallback instead. This middleware is for cases where it's generating static files is impractical (React server side rendering for instance).

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Works as a middleware for Express v4.8.0 or later. Can be used as either an application middleware or a router middleware.

import fallback from 'express-history-spa-fallback'
import express from 'express'
const app = express()
app.use(fallback((req, res, next) => res.send(`<!doctype html>
    <title>Hello World!</title>


Returns a middleware for use by Express applications and routers.

The callback argument is executed when it's a HTML request and the HTTP method equals GET. The callback have the same arguments that express is passing in middleware, that is req, res and next.

This function will be called for every request. You'll have to evaluate wether or not to memoize the callback depending on your business logic.

But doesn't this already exist?

Yes, but this implementation is much better.

  • Only for GET requests: The fallback should not serve your index.html for POST or other requests.
  • Only for HTML requests: Never serve mistakenly for JS or CSS or image or other static file requests. Less debugging headaches.
  • Only when needed: Serve the fallback only when the file is missing.
  • Minimal code: Just a few lines. No magic. No complexity.

See the blog post "Single Page App Routing with Express & Node.js" for an overview of the problems with alternative middlewares.