Convert, format images on-the-fly middleware for expressjs

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Format, resize images on-the-fly for expressjs. express-imgwiz use sharp underneat. It comes as both middleware and request handler.

Tips: Use with a CDN service to not re-generate image every time a request comes in. Remember to set cache TTL for a long period. If you are using Cloudflare, set the option to cache everything.

Example: resized image url

resized image

1. Installation

express-imgwiz is available as a npm package. You can install via npm or yarn as normal

// install using npm
$ npm install express-imgwiz

// install using yarn
$ yarn add express-imgwiz

2. How to use

You can use express-imgwiz as either a middleware or a handler. Note that they took the same arguments, but there is a /:path param when using as handler.

  • Arguments:
    • staticDir (string, required): your static image directory
    • cacheDir (string): save generated file on disk into the given directory

2.1. Example using as middleware

// For ES6 syntax
import { imgWizMiddleware } from "express-imgwiz";
import path from "path";

// Or vanila nodejs syntax
const { imgWizMiddleware } = require("express-imgwiz");
const path = require("path")

app.use("/photos", imgWizMiddleware({ 
    staticDir: path.join(__dirname, "static"), // comment out to disable serving static files
    cacheDir: path.join(__dirname, "cached") // comment out to disable local caching

2.2. Example using as handler

// For ES6 syntax
import { imgWizHandler } from "express-imgwiz";
import path from "path";

// Or vanila nodejs syntax
const { imgWizHandler } = require("express-imgwiz");
const path = require("path")

app.get("/photos/:path", imgWizHandler({ 
    staticDir: path.join(__dirname, "static"), // comment out to disable serving static files
    cacheDir: path.join(__dirname, "cached") // comment out to disable local caching

2.3. Available transform options:

- `h` (number): resize height (h=460)
- `w` (number): resize width (w=640)
- `q` (number): quality (q=80)
- `fit` ("cover" | "contain" | "fill" | "inside" | "outside"): resize fit
- `position` ("top" | "right top" | "right" | "right bottom" | "bottom" | "bottom left" | "left top"): resize position
- `background`: (string): background colour when using a `fit=contain` (background=blue, background=#ffffff, background=(139,195,74,0.4))

- `sharpen` ("true" | "sigma ?, flat (1), jagged (2)"): sharpen target image (sharpen=true, [view more about sharpen](
- `fm` ("webp" | "jpg" | "jpeg" | "tiff" | "png"): format target image
- `kernel` ("nearest" | "cubic" | "mitchell" | "lanczos2" | "lanczos3"): image kernel option
- `enlarge` ("true" | "false"): enlarge image if given size is bigger than actual size
- `blur` ("true" or number (0.1 - 1000)): blur image
- `url` (string, optional): the target photo URL. If no `url` is specify, the library will look up on `staticDir` if enabled. Note: Use `encodeURIComponent` if `url` has query, otherwise it will fail. For example: `encodeURIComponent("")`
Example URL using transform queries

// Serving a static file image: 

// Get image from a URL: 

2.4. Enviroment Variables

  • process.env.EXPRESS_WIZ_CACHE_AGE (number): Set caching age in seconds (default 31557600)
  • process.env.EXPRESS_WIZ_404_IMAGE (string): Set a path to 404 error image (default undefined). Note: Path is relative to the root directory, and only png,jpeg or jpg image is accepted to avoid unnecessary minetype checking

3. Changelog

  • v0.1.4: handle static images in sub-directory, add error when request a non-existing image using url
  • v0.1.3: added error handlers and EXPRESS_WIZ_404_IMAGE to display a default image
  • v0.1.2: combine codes into a handleRequest, update getting mine method, clean up code
  • v0.1.1: add file extension when it doesn't included in url
  • v0.1.0: fix serving staticc svg file
  • v0.0.9: fix serving local svg file, clean up codes
  • v0.0.8: fix .svg image error, added background option (thanks to @TheAndroidGuy)
  • v0.0.6-0.0.7: code improvement
  • v0.0.5: added local cache
  • v0.0.4: update server response status code
  • v0.0.3: added local cache
  • v0.0.1-v0.0.2: intiate project

Feel free to ask or give feedback. Thank you!


Write tests. Cases should be tested:

  • Transform format querires

  • Serve local images

    • Serve svg
    • Serve other images
  • Serve static file for sub directory

    • static file without query
    • static file with query
  • Serve image using URL

    • Serve svg
    • Serve svg with queries (should exclude query)
    • Serve image
    • Serve image with queries
  • Serving non-existing image (404)

    • Non-existing image using URL
    • Non-existing svg
    • Non-existing image