ExpressJS pretty printer for URLs

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Simple, nice-looking, logging for Express.



Install package

npm --save install express-log-url

Install within Express

// Somewhere within your server setup


Socket logging

The module also contains an extremely simple socket logging function:

var io = require('').listen(server);
io.on('connect', socket => {
    socket.on('something', require('express-log-url').socket);
    socket.on('something', ()=> ...Actually do work...);

Manual logging

The module supports an object containing optional fields which will be output as if it were a fresh server request

var logger = require('express-log-url');

// Simulate a GET request
logger.log({method: 'GET', code: 200, path: '/', responseTime: 10});

// Simulate a POST request with additional fields
logger.log({method: 'POST', code: 400, path: '/some/post', responseTime: 20, info: 'Lack of widgets'});

Supported fields:

Field Description
indent Indentation to use. Is commonly a number of spaces
method Short (ideally no more than 5 characters) method to show
code The status code returned by the server
responseTime The time (in milliseconds) the server took to respond
info Additional information to log against the request


Set the following options via app.set('OPTION', 'VALUE');

Setting Type Default Description
log.indent String null Prefix for any log entry
log.username Function req => req.user ? req.user.username || : false How to determine the current username