mount all files in an folder as routes in an express application

Usage no npm install needed!

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express-m-router mounts all modules in a specify folder as routes to your express project.


Using npm

npm install --save express-m-router

Using yarn

yarn add express-m-router

Simple usage

require('express-m-router')(expressApp, path.join(__dirname, routesDir))

// or

require('express-m-router')(expressApp, {
  path: path.join(__dirname, routesDir), // required
  ignores: /\.swp$/g // optional

### Example

Create a project following the below architecture.

-- app.js
-- routes
  |-- test
  |  |-- !test.js
  |__ index.js

And create these files.

// app.js
'use strict'

let app = require('express')();
let mRouter = require('express-m-router');
let path = require('path');

mRouter(app, path.join(__dirname,'./routes'))

app.listen(4000, console.log.bind(console, `App start... port: 4000`))
// routes/index.js
exports.get = function(req, res) {
    res.send('hello world')
// routes/test/!test.js
exports.get = function(req, res) {

Do npm install express express-m-router and node app.js.

See http://localhost:4000http://localhost:4000/test/hello-world

  • Routes name represent files name.
  • If a file name includes '!' , it will be replace with ':'. That means it's a variable which you can get with req.params.
  • Support http get and post only, optionaly exports them in your route module as exampled above.